Net Tax Amount, Private or Public? Looking for input!

To all Cornwall taxpayers:

A recent Supreme Court decision has now made the state payment (prebate) amount that is currently printed on your tax bills private information.  To this end, I have created a new tax book that has redacted all of the state payment information and only provides the gross or total amount of taxes.

What is your feeling about giving a “net” tax bill (prebate amount included) to people like your attorney, your tax preparer, your real estate agent, your advocate, your escrow company, etc.?  Many towns are requiring their taxpayers to sign an authorization form to allow the release of this information.  I am interested in how my town feels about this situation. Other towns are only going to give the net bill to the tax payer and ask that they be responsible for making and giving copies to all of the parties listed above.  I really do not want to have to do that, so let me know what you think about this situation.  I will probably bring up the topic for discussion at town meeting as well.

Understand that this ruling is the law at this point, and without your authorization I can not divulge your state payment information to anyone but you, the taxpayer. The legislature is going to take this subject up during this year’s session.  One of the options would be to have the State of Vermont bill and collect the education funds.  I am not really in favor of that as we do realize a very small amount of interest from the tax money collected, and I think it could turn into a fiasco.

Thanks in advance for your input on this very interesting situation.  Please call, stop by or email.

Your Treasurer,

Sue Johnson