Gathering Place Starting September 4, 2012

Starting on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, there will be coffee, tea, a sitting area, a puzzle in progress and games available for anyone who would like to stop by and sit and read awhile or visit or put a few pieces in the puzzle.

For many years now folks have been clamoring for a meeting place, a general store type of atmosphere, etc. We are going to try to accomodate some of those requests.  In the beginning of our trial, the coffee won’t be ready until after 9AM and will only happen Monday – Friday, but if the trial is successful and folks would like coffee earlier in the day or on weekends, we can discuss other times and alternatives.

The Town Hall does have wireless internet, so you can bring your laptops, etc. and do some internet browsing and then do some library browsing. We will consider this a work in progress and will tweak it as necessary. 

Hope to see some of you along the way.