Canoe/Kayak Outing on Otter Creek/Cornwall Swamp

Brian Howlett of the Conservation Commission will be hosting an exploration of Otter Creek by canoe and kayak on Saturday, April 13. The group will visit places in the Cornwall Swamp that are impossible to reach except when the Creek floods in the spring.

Cornwall SwampThe Otter Creek Swamp complex (of which the Cornwall Swamp is part) is the most biologically diverse wetland complex in New England. The complex is an important lowland habitat bridge for wide-ranging animals like bobcats, bear and moose.  Otter Creek Swamps are also one of the most important stopover areas for migratory waterfowl in the region.  Cornwall Swamp was designated a National Natural Landmark by the U.S. National Park Service in 1974.

Paddlers will put in at the Swamp Road boating access at 12:30 and take out in Middlebury at 3 Mile Bridge.

Bring your canoe or kayak and a life jacket for yourself and any other passengers. For more information, contact Brian at 1-802-558-5860