Pipeline Update from Jim Duclos

Hi everyone,

  I noticed that many of you received an email from Jim Butler (of Shoreham) who attended and spoke at this week’s legislative breakfast. I found it interesting to see how our representatives stood on the Addison Natural Gas project. If you’d like to view that meeting you can see it here. ( the segment from 18 mins to 49 mins concerns the pipeline). I encourage anyone who has useful information for this email list to use it to better inform all of us. Thanks, Jim Butler!
  I found last Friday morning’s Route Selection meeting to be at least somewhat encouraging. VT Gas came armed  with maps of five preliminary corridors that are being considered. Two of these corridors utilized the abandoned rail bed through Leicester and Whiting. VT Gas still maintained that these two were too expensive, but at least they are back on the table.
  It was disappointing that Salisbury and Whiting were  not represented, but VT Gas assured us that they WERE invited. I was pleased that International Paper sent a representative, as I was able to ask her if it would be possible for IP and VT Gas to re-open negotiations on what IP’s contribution would be. I suggested that perhaps IP could contribute enough money that all five of the options could be affordable. She did explain that it was difficult for the Ticonderoga plant to get IP to agree to the $70 million, but she did not dismiss the possibility of renegotiating altogether.
  If you’d like to view the five preliminary “routes” you can do that here. Abi also delivered some maps of same (only consolidated into one map) to the town hall, so you can pick up a paper copy there if you would like.
  If you are interested in viewing last Friday’s meeting, as always it is available on Middlebury Community TV’s website.