Update on the Principal Search at the Cornwall Elementary School

On behalf of the Board, I wanted to update the community on the status of our search for a new principal.  The position has been advertised by the ACSU Central Office, and the deadline for applications closed on Wednesday, May 15th.  We received over 2 dozen applications for the position.  A search committee comprised of the following people has been created.


John Eagan

Maureen Deppman



Dawn Mayer

Linda Brown

Judith Larson



Judd Bartlett

Dena Greenman

Sarah Kemp


Community members:

John Berninghausen

Donn Marcus


ACSU Principals:

Patrick Reen (MUMs)

Fernanda Canales (Salisbury)


ACSU Central Office:

Vicki Wells (nonvoting chair)

The committee has had an initial meeting this week to establish hiring criteria and a working timeline for the process.  The timeline anticipates that the committee will review the applications, interview candidates (May 27th and 28th), and make recommendations to the Superintendent by May 29th, with an expectation that the recommendations will be forwarded to the School Board by the Superintendent for board interviews and (hopefully an offer) in early June.  The Board will schedule a special board meeting for June 6 (tentatively) to conduct board interviews and make a decision.  The Board is planning to have a full day of events for the recommended candidates on the day of the special meeting that will include the opportunity for the board, staff, parents and community members to interact with, and provide feedback on the candidates. I will provide a follow-up communication as we get closer to confirm the actual date of the final interview process.  In the meantime, if people have any feedback they would like the Committee to consider, please feel free to speak to anyone on the Committee, or to email either me (john.eagan@peoples.com) or Maureen (mdeppman@anesu.org) sometime before the 26th of May.