Final Update from the Multi Town Working Group and VT Gas Pipeline Proposal

Hello all,

The final “Multi Town Working Group” meeting was held this morning. VT Gas presented the route for Phase 2 of the Addison Natural Gas Project, including a map. They have updated their website ( with this new information, but if you’d rather, here is a shortcut to the presentation. As always Middlebury Community TV filmed the meeting, so you can watch it if you’d like.
Many of you were present at the Select Board Meeting on Tuesday evening, so it should not come as a surprise to you that the route that VT Gas has selected does traverse the Town of Cornwall. Thanks to all of your hard work we were successful in keeping the transmission line out of our two villages, and off from our roads for the most part. The route selected is a “green fields” route, meaning that it goes cross country mainly through agricultural lands, and is expected to maintain at least a 300 foot distance from all structures.
There will be an open house hosted by VT Gas on the evening of June 5th at the school. VT Gas mailed invitations to all Cornwall residents today to invite you to this meeting. Included in the invitation is a map of the Cornwall portion of the route. For those of you who would like to see that map sooner, please find it attached below.
  Jim Duclos