Update on EEE

Hello everyone,

It’s been relatively quiet in your area this past week. We did have two more positive EEE mosquito pools collected from the same location in the wetland in Whiting. The good news is that all of the other pools from the area tested negative. Surveillance will most likely continue for at least another month until there is a widespread hard frost. The cool weather is helpful in that it both decreases mosquito activity and encourages people to cover up when outside.

You may have heard about the horse in Franklin County that tested positive for EEE. That is big news because it is the first time that we know of that EEE made an animal sick in that area. And because it is a mammal that was infected, that community is now estimated to be at a high risk. It’s far enough away from your communities that it does not impact your estimated risk level, which remains at moderate.

I hope you find these updates helpful.

Have a nice weekend.



Erica Berl DVM, MPH

Health Surveillance Epidemiologist

Vermont Department of Health