How to Contact the Road Commissioner for Road and Tree Issues

We did have a bit of a storm last night and due to the storm there were pieces of trees down in many areas of town.
Several folks tried to reach Stu by email and the phone at the town garage.  Here are some suggestions on how to reach Stu: Try the town garage phone (462-2752), let it ring and be patient, the call will be forwarded to his cell phone if you wait long enough (about 10 rings).  Depending on where he is, he might not be able to answer for any number of reasons, but leave a message. Stu will not check email if there is damage around town, so that is not the best avenue unless time is not of the essence.
You can call the Town Hall, but know that I do not open until 9AM, so if you have a tree across the road, it would be best to try another avenue.
You are also welcome to call our home (462-2324). We assume we will get calls at home, so don’t hesitate to try that number as well.