Selectboard and Planning Commission Work to Create a DRB for Cornwall

Development Review Board

The Cornwall Select Board in conjunction with the Cornwall Planning Commission has decided to create a Development Review Board, or DRB.

A little background…under Vermont law, a Planning Commission may act in both a legislative capacity (drafting, maintaining and implementing the Town Plan including bylaws regarding zoning and subdivisions) and may also act in a quasi-judicial capacity (reviewing development applications under land use bylaws, etc.) Many towns have separated these two functions by creating a Development Review Board which then takes on the responsibility for hearing all applications for development review, including applications for site plan, subdivision, variance, conditional use, administrative officer appeals and other reviews authorized by the bylaws.

Over the past year the Planning Commission has been bogged down with the work load of reviewing subdivisions and variances while trying to manage their planning work load. They just don’t have the time to handle this. Our Town Attorney has suggested that we follow the way most towns are going and create a DRB.

We are looking for at least 5 individuals to volunteer to help out in this role. The time commitment required for this position is difficult to determine, realistically it may require meeting as much as twice a month. If you have any interest in participating in this important function or might recommend someone who could, please contact either Ben Wood ( or Holly Noordsy (