The Building is Done……….Office Closed Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Next Week

Hello all,
So………..the big day has arrived and the building is ready for me to move back in. I would like to get this done ASAP, so I am going to CLOSE the office next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (April 4, 5,6). My first goal is to get the Clerk’s office and Lister’s office set up so it will be ready to go for Friday morning. I feel that I need to close the office so I can just focus on moving things and not have to stop and find something, so I hope you can all bear with me. After the office is set up, I plan to have Joan work in the office, so I can continue putting the rest of the building back in order and she can handle the desk. I will be off on Friday, April 7 and attending a meeting on Tuesday, April 11, but then I will be back at it.
I know that dog licenses are due on April 1, but I am going to be somewhat lenient with the late fee this year due to all this disruption.  You do still need to register your dog, but I won’t be charging the late fee until the end of April.
I have every expectation that we will be all up and running for taxes on May 1!!!!
Thanks for your understanding and patience with this.  The building is beautiful and functional and it will be worth the wait when you see it.
Thanks very much, Sue