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Cornwall Town Hall
2629 Route 30, Cornwall, Vermont 05753
Phone:  802-462-2775
FAX: 802-462-2606

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  1. I am working on the home insurance for a property located at 156 South Bingham Street, Cornwall. Would you be able to e-mail me the lister card and sketch for this property? Thank you for any help you can provide. Samantha Dragon, Laberge Insurance Agency.

  2. Samantha,

    I have sent you the information you requested from the town’s email address.

    Thanks, Sue

  3. Sue,
    I recently went to the Addison Co Solid Waste Mgmt site to drop off some large cardboard boxes and they told me as of Jan 1 I need to bring them to the town instead. Can you tell me when such items can be dropped off? (and what else I should be bringing to town vs. there?) I looked throughout the website and couldn’t find any information on this – please let me know if its there for future ref in case I just didn’t search well!

  4. I am not quite sure I understand their comment either. The town does not do any rubbish or recycling collection. R&L Rubbish is in town on Saturday afternoons from 1 – 3 PM at the school. They take both rubbish and recycling. Maybe that is what they meant.
    Take Care,

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