Justices of the Peace

  • Chuck Burdick
  • Sue Burdick
  • Judy English
  • Liam English
  • Susan Johnson
  • Gary Margolis
  • Judy Watts
JP_guideThe duties of Vermont’s justices of the peace (JP) are many and varied: from serving as election officials to determining tax appeals to giving oaths to solemnizing marriages.

For more on the duties and responsibilities of Justices of the Peace in Vermont, download the Vermont Justice of the Peace Guide as published by the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office.

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  1. Is there somewhere I can get bio’s and prior decisions as Justices of the Peace for the current list of candidates on the Nov 8th ballot? Being new to the area I am not familiar with everyone listed and would like to be thoughtful with my vote. I looked through the 2015 Town Report but did not see anything relevant.
    Thank you,

  2. Andrea,
    Justices of the Peace in Vermont have reasonably limited roles. They include: being able to marry couples, working as election officials, being able to administer oaths, being a member of both the Board of Civil Authority & the Board of Abatement. They only time they are making decisions is in their role on the BCA & BOA. The Justices do not serve in a Judicial type capacity anymore. I don’t specific bio’s on the candidates, but would be happy to talk with you about them. Let me know if this helps in your decision making process. Sue

  3. Thanks for getting back to me, Sue. I recognize some of the names so this is fine.

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