Cornwall School Board


Cornwall Elementary School

  • Maureen Deppman,
  • Gabe Hamilton
  • Sarah Kemp
  • Cindy Peet
  • Kristianne Tolgyesi

The Town of Cornwall School Board is responsible for the improvement and growth of the educational program of the Bingham Memorial School (K-8) and is a member of the Addison Central Supervisory Union.

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  1. Went to a wonderful band concert tonight Bingham memorial. Many people in my age group have been saying they are upset that a roll away cupboard covers the Anna Stowell Bingham portrait. I too am upset by this and that I cannot see the bronze plaque we had made for the builder William H. DeLong when he died in the 70’s-a town wide collection was made at that time and the $800. bought this appreciative plaque in memory of Bill who was so instrumental with making the new school affordable-built by his construction company at only his costs. If you check I think the school was built on town wide donations-many of the families were descendants of the original settlers as are some of your students today. The land was donated by the Peet family. Can something be done so these two items can once again be seen by all students and everyone entering the school? My grand-children’s great-grandmother, great-great grandmother, great-aunts taught in the one room schools-I would like them to have a knowledge of the schools of Cornwall history.

  2. Dottie,
    I have forwarded your message on to the School Board Members.


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