The Cornwall Listers Have Scheduled the 2021 Grievance Hearing! See Date and Time Below.



The Cornwall Listers have finalized property valuations for the 2021 Grand List and sent out Change of Appraisal notices to all Cornwall residents who had changes in their property valuation. These property owners, and any other residents,  may file a grievance letter or email to state their objection to their valuation. The letter or email must be received at the Cornwall Town Hall by 6:00 PM on July 13, 2021.

Title 32, Vermont Statutes Annotated, section 4111 (g) reads as follows:

“A person who feels aggrieved by the action of the listers and desires to be heard by them, shall, on or before the day of the grievance meeting, file with them his or her objections in writing and may appear at such grievance meeting in person or by his or her agents or attorneys. No grievance shall be allowed for a change solely to reflect a new use value set by the current use advisory board or the adjustment of that value by the common level of appraisal. Upon the hearing of such grievance, the parties thereto may submit such documentary or sworn evidence as shall be pertinent thereto”

Grievance meetings will be held:

DATE and TIME: Tuesday, July 13, 2021  3PM-6PM

PLACE: Zoom teleconference
or in person at Cornwall Town Hall
(Covid restrictions for masks and distancing will apply)


Listers:  Bill Johnson    Todd Kincaid    Jordan Young