Cornwall Community Values Mapping Project

Click the map to download a full-sized PDF (3.5 MB download)

Click the map to download a full-sized PDF (3.5 MB download)

Knowing what matters to residents is an important part of town planning decisions. With that in mind, the Cornwall Planning Commission, Conservation Commission, and the Cornwall School organized a workshop where Cornwall residents could designate their favorite locations for recreation or scenic beauty on a map of the Town.

Under the direction of Jens Hilke, wildlife biologist from VT Fish & Wildlife, townspeople divided into smaller groups and talked about places in Cornwall that they most valued. As each person spoke, the area being discussed was marked on a map. The groups worked independently, but as the maps from each group were shared, it became clear that certain parts of the town and certain activities had been mentioned by all. Areas lauded independently for scenic beauty, recreational possibilities, abundant wildlife, and hunting and fishing consistently overlapped with each other, showing their importance for residents.

The CVM workshop was held on October 12, 2016.  This map summarizes the views of the over 60 participants in the CVM Workshop.

(For more background on the project, visit here.)