Library Info

The Cornwall Library is always looking for book donations so clean off those bookshelves, end tables, night tables, or wherever else you keep the books that you’ve read and bring them over to the library. We accept donations all through the year. We take books, CDs, and DVDs.   However, textbooks, encyclopedias, magazines, or books with torn and/or defaced pages or mold and mildew need to be discarded.  Please recycle them instead.

Just a reminder that the library is now open on Saturday mornings from 10:00 – 12:00. Hopefully this will enable more of you to come to the library and look over our collection of books, audiobooks and DVDs. Library trustees are volunteering their time to come in on Saturdays so stop in and say “hello”.

PLEASE remember to return materials taken out of the library in a timely fashion – in particular new release books and DVDs. Other patrons of the library would like to enjoy reading or watching them too so please be mindful of the due date. Thanks