Conservation Commission: Guided “woods walk” on Saturday, May 18

Join the Conservation Commission for A Walk in the Woods with Jim Andrews on Saturday.  The field trip is a follow-up to Jim’s “Slippery Creatures: Salamanders and Frogs!” presentation in February.  We’ll look for vernal pools in the woods, with salamander and frog eggs, as well as see them in their adult stages in their habitat.  Jim will also help us identify bird calls, wildflowers, nests, trees and shrubs.

Everyone is welcome.  Bring your binoculars, rain gear and rubber boots – it’s wet in the woods right now!

Sat. May 18, 9 a.m. – 12 pm – we’ll meet at 938 West St.  An RSVP would be appreciated, due to parking constraints – 462-2000.